immaculate is an understatement

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I had a couple people ask me to post my @circasurvive tattoo so here ya go! Happy #tattuesday everybody 😁😘💖💜 #suicidegirls #circasuicide #esaoandrews #circasurvivetattoo #hotairballoons done by @joematisa at Ink Junction in Flemmington, NJ. :))


Cannalope Haze
DNA Genteics

1. constituting a beginning; giving origin to something derived or developed; original; elementary.
2. Embryology: first formed.
3. pertaining to or existing at or from the very beginning.
Etymology: from Late Latin prīmōrdiālis, “of the beginning, original”, from Latin prīmus, “first” + ōrdīrī, “to begin”.
[Freydoon Rassouli - In The Beginning]

Late Night Wonder | Victor Liu

Kelsey Brookes

"I think that we’ve all made our gravest mistakes On the greatest intentions that we’re too stubborn to let go. With this little time before I go, I’ll open up my mouth and scream it out to cast my voice into the crowd… don’t let the world, don’t let the world beat you down.”

(Source: thequotidianindie)

"As bad as life gets, life is fucking awesome man- You’re all breathing and that’s the coolest man. And you have to go with that cause there’s nothing else to go with. That’s the only break you get. You get to live tomorrow, you get to go on, you get to move forward and it might not seem like much but for me is.. right now is all I’m hanging on to- I want you to live two ways: long and strong.”


Slop Cups 

Heady Hunter Glass Art Gallery

King Louis XVI x Tupac